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There are so many misconceptions about running. Questions like:
Where do you run?
And why?
Of all things: Why run?
Is there something you are running from?
Let me try and get this straight. Would you ask a flower why it blooms in spring?
A newborn falcon why it’s gonna flap its wings?
You wouldn’t ask the earth why it’s so obsessed with the sun.
But you’ll ask me about why I run?

• Photography, concept & retouching by Matthias Dengler | matthiasdengler.com |
• Modelling by Christina Strauff
• Outfit by: Steve Madden "Match White", Oceans Apart Honey Pant, H&M Crop Top
• Location: Stuttgart | Germany

#stuttgart #matthiasdengler #detailsmatter #running #sports #activewear #fashion #lifestyle

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