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Flower Powder

For a long time, I wanted to create pictures with powder, flour, thrown at models to create this unique look.

There are no words to describe how hard it is, to create the right kind of "cloud" and what a mess this all means.

I am a photographer for People. Corporate. Editorials.
I care about the visual concept and this is why I used to shoot own projects that do have a Fashion Flair.
And I still do it, if I have clients asking for it.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.

Oliver Oettli
web: www.oliveroettli.ch
social: https://www.facebook.com/oliveroettliphotography

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Noel Edling's picture

In awe, this is amazingly well executed. 5/5!

dan-shortt's picture

I've tried this on a much smaller scale and still failed. Nailing that perfect moment is SO hard.

Oliver Oettli's picture

Took us two days and around 500 Shots to get a decent 10 solid frames. And an insane mess.

Jason Ranalli's picture

Wow....well I think you definitely earned your Picture of the Day then!!

Excellent work!

Jan Christian Zimara's picture

Still awesome :)!

Anonymous's picture

This is not an easy feat. Congratulations on the result.

Lori Whalen's picture

love this.

rahul pande's picture

nice photo

Charlie Magrin's picture

absolutely stunning! congrats! i tried to freeze some "floury parkour action" with flashes and the result is way different and of course not as mastered as yours, did you have 2 lights or more? constant or flashes? how did you threw the flour? thx in advance! :)

Oliver Oettli's picture

Its was basically one flash. And one shot a time. So one jump / one throw of the powder for one frame. I found out that trying multiple strobes a move will only end in even more data trash. I focussed one one picture a time to capture the perfect moment.
The flour was thrown by my assistant .. with hours and hours of finding out the best technique.

Charlie Magrin's picture

Thx for the explanation Oliver! Hard work always pays back!

Caroline Carrigan's picture

Striking combination of elements, lovely.

Scott S's picture

Great work. Love the movement in this.

Charlie Magrin's picture

this photo deserves it Oliver! remember that i told you that i've shot a flour session to? it's actually been selected by Rebecca for december 24th photo of the day!

Nicole Wells's picture

This is awesomely done. So many ways it could go wrong, yet you didn't. Well done.

Anonymous's picture

beautiful simply beautiful

Josephus Vigilanticus's picture

Dang bro.

Matt Chansky's picture

Simply gorgeous

ashley dellinger's picture

If your ever up to it would be super cool to see the before & after for others trying to create this....to see how much was in camera & how much had to be composited

Daniel Whisler's picture

Very well done, I can imagine the mess and reset time. Well worth the effort!

Tamara Würzburger's picture

great shot !

Erick Rodriguez's picture

Absolutely GORGEOUS

Elke Valkenborgh's picture

waw :O amazing

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Extremely well executed shot!

Sam Foto's picture

Amazing effort and the results speak for themselves!

Matija Marcius's picture

Bravo, this is amazing!

Matt Kuhn's picture

Hey Oliver, I've been challenged to try a shoot like this and I was hoping to get your opinion of baby powder vs flour. Understanding how difficult it is to get the powder fly the way want, any tips on flinging the powder?

Christian Madsen's picture

Amazingly well executed - Love every little detail of it!!!

George Ballenger's picture

I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for sharing

Daniel Cross's picture

Wow....great work!

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