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Flower powder 2

For a long time, I wanted to create pictures with powder, flour, thrown at models to create this unique look.

There are no words to describe how hard it is, to create the right kind of "cloud" and what a mess this all means.

I am a photographer for People. Corporate. Editorials.
I care about the visual concept and this is why I used to shoot own projects that do have a Fashion Flair.
And I still do it, if I have clients asking for it.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.

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It's awesome :)
And I believe how much dirt and waste possible is.
Last year I tried the same and my results aren't as good as yours but the build up process and the cleaning of the location was similar....
It's much work, but I think I will do this type of shooting again, but for sure with a professional Model and not with amateurs....
Thanks for showing how the pictures could look like :)


Best wishes

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Dear Jan, thanks for your words. Its all about
- Light
- Pose
- Angle
- Moment

This is what makes the difference between your pictures and mine. The model was professional, but looking at your pictures, it was not the model that made the difference.


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True I have to practice to be as good in future as you did.

Everyone had a start :)


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amazing job

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Wow...breathtaking image. I havent tried this style of photography yet, but this really make s me want to!

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Love this, and will be trying it soon :)

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Love it! Gorgeous work!

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One of the best images of this type that I have seen.

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yep, that would be incredible, great job !

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Insane!! Maybe it could have been composited on another floor or something to make it even cleaner? Just trying to be thinking constructive here. Love it!!

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