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Pine Warbler

Taken out in the wild at a local forest. This Pine Warbler landed in this little immature pine and started to sing; he stuck around for several moment before catching a caterpillar and flying off.

Gear: Nikon d5500 with Nikkor 200-500, Distance, roughly 8ft away.

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Fantastic shot Joe.

Thank you Bruce, I had a version of this shot printed and it is gorgeous up on the wall.

Well worth a wall print too.

At first I thought ok shot. Then I zoomed it and it is a great shot. The small photo doesn't provide the proper perspective..

Thanks. I was playing hard for that autofocus to nail it on this entry level camera and it managed to pull it off. It seems a pinch muddy to me now that I look at it again here. Something must have happened in re-compression and uploading.

I was just comparing my photos on flickr to FS and the FS photos are degraded noticeably more than flickr.