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Hills & Trees

This is a newly discovered place by me in Navarra, Spain, this location immediately caught my attention because of the interesting natural hills, shadows and lights, with a pleasant desire I waited in this place for the sunset, which will highlight the characteristics of this place.

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Daniel Viñé's picture

La Toscana Navarrica, como mola tio !!!

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jejeje ya ves, como estoy exprimiendo Navarra. Gracias bro y espero verte pronto. Un saludo

Eduardo Salamero's picture

ya te digo...pensaba que seria de algun viaje por Italia jajaja

Efren Yanes's picture

Una luz preciosa amigo!

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias Efren

richard toribio casares's picture

preciosa Jabi como acostumbras

jabi sanz's picture

Muchas gracias bro

Rubén Fernández Barragán's picture

Muy guapa tío. Esas ondulaciones, esa suavidad de la luz, son una maravilla

jabi sanz's picture

me alegra que te guste Ruben, gracias

Unai Larraya's picture

Aiiiiis tu y la Toscana

jabi sanz's picture

Esa Toscana Navarra ehh jeje

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

gorgeous scene dear JABI!!!

jabi sanz's picture

Glad you like it my dear friend, Thanks a lot

Jacin Fernández's picture

Que luz mas guapa, menudos prados mas bonitos tio

jabi sanz's picture

ya ves todo lo que tenemos por aqui en Navarra, Gracias amigo

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Congratulations for the Photo of the day! Well deserved feature mate :)

jabi sanz's picture

Thank you so much Thomas

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Que pasada de luz Jabi!

jabi sanz's picture

Gracias colega, fue una tarde bonita aqui en tierras Navarras

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great work! Beautiful picture!

jabi sanz's picture

Thank you so much Gregory

Daniel Martin's picture

Es una pasada Jabi, merecidisimo ese POTD!

jabi sanz's picture

Muchisimas gracias colega

Iori Suzuk's picture

Just lovely. Makes me want to visit.

jabi sanz's picture

Thank you so much, so glad you feel like that

Merce Hernando's picture

Esas luces acariciando las campas es ina delicia. Preciosa Jabi

jabi sanz's picture

Me alegra que te guste, muchas gracias guapa

Jens Sieckmann's picture

Another great spot you found. Isn't this the most satisfying part of a landscape photography. Visiting new locations and capture moments like this?

jabi sanz's picture

totally agree with you Jens, is feel so good. Thanks for your comment

tomasz-solak's picture

Una maravilla de Navarra!

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