Big waterfalls land by Unai Larraya
Unai Larraya's picture

Big waterfalls land

June 14, 2020

Ordesa is one of those places that whenever you go you come home with a smile from ear to ear. This is the Strait waterfall taken from above, a perspective not seen much.

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richard toribio casares's picture

muy guapo esa seda!

Unai Larraya's picture

gracias Richard :)

Danny Tan's picture

Superb image buddy! love that soft cool tones of the flow

Unai Larraya's picture

thanks so much bro ;)

Toni Pou's picture

Bufff, menuda pasada amigo!!! Se sale en todo! Enhorabuena crack!

Unai Larraya's picture

Gracias Toni, me alegra que te mole :)

sal virji's picture

what a great shot

Unai Larraya's picture

thanks so much :)

jabi sanz's picture

Tremenda esta muy guapa la foto esta

Unai Larraya's picture

Gracias Javi ;)

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture!

Unai Larraya's picture

thanks :)

Asier Lopez castro's picture

Pasote de foto unai! Menudo vertigo colega

Unai Larraya's picture

gracias Crack, en el momento te la suda el vertigo ajajaja