It’s hard to describe moments like this. To stand in complete solitude on a mountain peak, watching the moon rise while the last glow of light don’t want to leave the hills of what looks like a Martian landscape. With the wind getting colder, and with your will that pushes you to stay there a bit more to wait. I miss all of this.
But every time I think about it, I am grateful to have been lucky enough to enjoy such an incredible view and I keep these moments in my memory with the hope one day to be able to see them again.

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I'm not sure why but, it feels more like a painting than a photo, which is neither good nor bad.

Thanks Abraham! I have the same feeling too!

Is that what you were going for? By the way, where is this?

Honestly, I wasn't. I didn't even made any particular post-production on it, so I guess the scene was just feeling like a painting! This is Landmannalaugar, in the Icelandic highlands.

So beautiful picture! Great work!

What a gorgeous capture !