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The Last Breath of Light

An incredible sunset at the Cinque Torri, after which it started to rain cats and dogs for the rest of the night.

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Atmospheric, moody, dark, brooding..off the chart stunning.

Thanks Mark!

I love all the elements and the atmosphere but the overall composition is disconcerting. A lot!
I REALLY like the photos from your website! :-)

Thanks a ton Abraham!!

Nice! Is that a 20mm lens?

Thanks Charles! Nope, it's a 14mm!

I'm not overly familiar with super-wide lens so it's not a fisheye?

Really stunning shot Leonardo, bravo!!

Thanks mate!

Beautiful colours! Great capture!

Superb light !

Super Lush.

Beautiful. Perfect. Did you use focus stacking or did stopping down all the way work with the 16mm. Very clear!

amazing compo & edition!

The storm is coming!

such amazing point of view .. neat shot Leo