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Highlander - The Cave

July 16, 2020

We did a highlander themed photoshoot. It was a more sunny day than the weather forecast had promised. Luckily the forest had a lot of spruce trees that provided a lot of shadows. That forest is really close to where I live and near the Kuopio center too. It is nice to live near this kind of place. Those are ideal places to do your walks too. The sun gave some extra work in post but the weather was what it was. Lighting diagram & bts: http://petridamsten.com/highlander-part-1/ Model: Jake Mattila

31mm · f/6.7 · 1/10s · ISO 100
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Awfully nice haircut and trimmed beard for a highlander and the light coming from the cave should be oranger. Maybe slightly cropped in and framed to the left. :-/

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Did anyone pick up the face in the stone to his left?