Dreamy Sunset by Jaspreet Sidhu
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Dreamy Sunset

July 28, 2020

I haven't been able to get out much and shoot some isolated locations.

Went to lighthouse park, I've been there before a few times and always had a composition like this in mind, However, I've just never had the technical knowledge. The sunset's in this area are always beautiful (you're never able to get a complete sunset as the sun sets below the trees but it does produce some amazing colors. The stars usually show up 30 minutes after the sunset begins.

Everyone always shoots this light house facing the east. But I think that by doing so you miss out on the vibrant colours a sunset produces, you get increased noise from the lights in the city, lose out on some of the stars that show themselves, and you're shooting the same shot as everyone. Overall I'm happy with this shot and how everything has come out. I guess the old saying that when nothing goes right go left is true in this case.

Fujifilm XT-3
16mm · f/11 · 1/60 · ISO 400
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chinmay.ninja ­'s picture

Love the mood you've captured in there. :)

Jaspreet Sidhu's picture

Thank you so much. Happy to know you enjoyed it.

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beautiful sunset and location

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Thank-you so much Unai always appreciate the comments as well :). Hope you're still shooting.