Black Hills Gold by Joshua Rhoades
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Black Hills Gold

August 1, 2020

Isolated storms moving through the area from the northwest and a nearly full moon soon to rise...few would think this would be the time to go shoot. But I wasn't going to be in the area for long and my opportunities were I went.
By the time I had arrived and setup my equipment, the rain was coming down and my view of the cabin was as if I had setup a strobe light. Covering my equipment with a flannel shirt and pulling my hat down tight I decided to ride out the storm for a few minutes...and I'm glad I did.
Kneeling in the tall wet grass, waiting, I could see the sky begin to lighten as the moon neared the horizon. My opportunity to shoot the Milky Way had passed for the most part...upsetting yes, but my expectations were not high on this night anyway. Just a few more minutes...I was already here. Those few minutes made all the difference! As the moon broke the horizon, it's glow illuminated the cabin walls in the most amazing way. If I was here to take photos, then this was the photo I was here to take. Grateful, and soaked, I felt a humbling appreciation for the beauty of this land...and felt I had found my own piece of Black Hills Gold.

Canon 5Dmkiv
15mm · f/2.5 · 25 sec · ISO 3200
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Tiago Marques's picture

I love this picture! Shows that cloudy nights are also good for astro/night photography! Keep going!

Jeff Sampson's picture

Better than any Redlin.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture!

Prince Berkoh's picture

This is such an amazing picture. I've shot the milky way with the moon myself and I can tell it's challenging, it makes me appreciate your picture even more. Great job!