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Steve Gunn's picture

that kind of pose makes her look like she has spinal issues.

Jay Schafer's picture

so much for constructive criticism Steve. You obviously don't know much about polio or spiral meningitis. Uncalled for...

Steve Gunn's picture

like that girl in the photo.

Paul Sokal's picture

My concern is the apparent backfocus. Her front leg is blurred while the rocks behind her are tack sharp.

Jason Bodden's picture

You apparently missed that her face is in focus, though.

Paul Sokal's picture

I didn't miss that, but what do you consider more important, that the rocks behind her be in focus or her leg?

Black Rock's picture

The DoF is just too shallow, the rock does seem very sharp. I have 135mm F/1.8 lens, it's razor thin :D

Bruce G's picture

I find criticism is a derivative of lacking self confidence. If you are attempted to respond negatively over my comment, I was speaking about you.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Nobody ever poses like this in real life, so why is the photographer asking her to contort this way? She actually looks uncomfortable.

Bruce G's picture

Apparently they do. I'm looking at it.Does it really matter? It's his work, not ours.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Um, I said "in real life". A photo shoot is not "real life".

Bruce G's picture

I read your comment in the same perspective.

Jacques Cornell's picture

I'm just asking a question.

Kerry Roberts's picture

I'm guessing not one of the "photographers" making negative comments below even has a web site showing their work - if so, let's see it! Great image.

Jacques Cornell's picture

You guessed wrong. Also, it's "above".

Graham Riddell's picture

Awesome. Got my attention straight away. Love the colour grade of the background and model, works well for me. Love your choice of model.

Moe Bennett's picture

Thank You. Appreciate the kind words.