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Senior Portrait Downtown Dallas Texas

This was a tricky photo in downtown Dallas for Zane's Senior Portraits. There are multiple things to take into account in terms of getting the proper exposure. There is the exposure hitting the background in the buildings and sky, the amount of light coming through the holes, as well as the proper exposure on the subject.
The settings are listed below, but once finding the proper ambient exposure, I used a Godox AD600 with extension head inside of a 47" Photek Softlighter ii to get the proper exposure on my subject.
This photo made the cover of his senior portrait album that we designed for them.

Nikon D750 w/ 24-70 2.8g ED
ISO 100
1/125 second
Godox AD600 w/ Photek Softlighter

Nikon D750
27mm · f/5 · 125 · ISO 100
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