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Prom Group Shoot - Vanity fair Inspired

Vanity Fair inspired group shoot with prom dresses with local high school girls. The lighting description is 3 Godox AD600s from camera left in a varied and stacked row. Modifiers: 86" PLM, 5' Profoto RFI Octobox, and a 46" Photek Softlighter
ISO 100 - f/8 - 1/160th
Nikon D750 w/ 50mm 1.8

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Best Prom photo I have seen. Excellent work with the lighting and posing.

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Thanks Steve, very nice of you

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Thank you!

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Thanks @fstoppers for the feature, very nice.

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Look's like people staring off into space. no emotion a great photograph is about emotion. getting people emotionally involved.
Just like a movie, if you can't get people emotionally involved you don't have a movie. Do I mean the people in the photograph or the people looking at the photograph.....Yes

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Looks fine to me. I think Jeff accomplished the look he was going for.

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Thank you

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Thanks for taking the time to rip apart and be judgmental on my photograph and models. I'll await your version....

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It was a fair criticism. And when you submit work publicly you invite review and criticism. Unless your goal is to accumulate fan-boy admiration.

For the record, the technical details of your photo are superb, but like Mr. Fowler, don't see any emotion.

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Yea actually it wasn't. Because you don't know what you are talking about in terms of the style of the photo shoot. Yes I know when I submit something publicly people are free to comment. But maybe you should stop for a moment before deciding to make your negative comment and say... could I create something like this? Am I qualified to make such a critique? Do I understand the style in which this is photographed and why?
Normally negative internet comments are made by people who themselves have never dared to post a single photograph. And thus is again the case here.
The comment made here, as well as yours is made in a subjective manner that makes no sense with the subject and style of the photograph. First look to achieve yourself before taking the time to make negative internet comments on some one else's work, of which you have nothing to show for yourself that you could achieve.

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It's up to you as the photographer to make the photo work, whatever the 'style' is that you're trying to achieve.

I understand the style. The eyes are dead. That's a reasonable criticism.

Apparently you're a little sensitive to criticism. That's not my problem.


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The point is... who ever asked you for your criticism in the first place? What makes you think you are qualified to do so? Why not post something of your own?

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Really nice, I have a teenage girl you nailed.

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Well done