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Whitehead Creek #4

Whitehead Creek flowing down a steep, overgrown hillside to where it meets the Willamette River in the western foothills of Oregon's Cascade Mountains.

This is one of many small, often unmarked creeks flowing off of this particular hillside. While appearing inconsequential from the roadside, making the effort to bushwack through the dense, damp, steep, slippery underbrush is replete with rewards for an determined photographer.

Shot with a Sony a99 using a 28-75mm lens at a focal length of 28mm set to F25 and exposed for 20 sec.

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Really love that kind of work Gary. When I look to this kind of picture I realize how hard is to do nature and landscape photography. composition is perfect vanishing point, layers, this picture is amazing man. Keep it up. Really nice to see it

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It’s all relative. I can say the very same about your studio work with models.