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Moments Before

[ Pyrenees, France ]
In the last 2 weeks I have been hiking the Pyrenees, both sides in France and also Spain.
This is probably one of the places I like the most.
Full of waterfalls and with this giant rocks walls that seem to be painted in this magnificent scenario.
I took this picture just before it started raining and thundering as if there was no tomorrow.
My partner and I were lucky enough to find a hole in the mountain to lake a shelter since we were bivouacking without a mountain tent

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Brutal Jabi!!

Gracias Dani. Un saludo

Un fotón en toda regla amigo!!

Muchisimas gracias Jose

Tremenda compi!

Thanks a lot bro

se pasa tío, menudo foton

Gracias colega feliz de que te guste. Un saludo

Great capture!

Thanks a lot Gregory

Muy Buena: me parece que le falta enderezar el horizonte un poquito.

Muchas gracias Mariano pero porque te parece eso? El puente esta inclinado, si te fijas el rio esta recto

This one is true killer man!

so glad you like tit bro

World Class!

Thanks a lot Amila