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The Arch

Accessing for the first time to such an incredible place is a unique experience.
That day was memorable. I was scouting throughout the day looking for ways to get here. It was a few hours of going up and down the cliffs until I found a way.
Then I went back up and met the guys to go down again and after an unforgettable sunset they left me. I was left alone to spend the night. I had in mind to take this picture. I hope you like it. Ah!! The strong light just below the arc is the neowise comet.

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5 stars, masterpiece!

ohh wow thank you so much my friend

Muy buena Jabi!!

Gracias Manuel

PUñetera maravilla Jabi !!! Foto del día !!!

jajaja gracias bro...No se yo si la pillaran

Brutal Jabi! Tanto la composición como los colores me parecen muy acertados.

me alegra mucho que te guste. Muchas gracias

Una maravilla Jabi!! Top!!

Thanks bro glad you like it


thanks a lot dude

Es un fotón y punto!! Jejejj! Tremenda tío 👌💪

jejeje muchas gracias Ruben

Very good job!

Thanks a lot mate

Love it ! Well done budy

Thanks a lot buddy

this is top my friend ..
i'd luv to attend a workshop with u after covid19

Happy you like it. Thank you so much. If you want more info about my workshops follow this link of my agency:

where is this location can u share some info?

Is in Asturias. A dangerous and not easy place to get it.