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One of those hikes you never forget. After 2 hours ascending to our destination, just 20 minutes before we arrived, we were hit by a storm. I had already located this spot but staying to take pictures was risky. We decided to look for a place to take shelter. We were lucky because the storm lasted only an hour and gave us enough time to get back to this spot before sunset. I hope you like the picture.

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Brutal Jabi!

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Thank you so much, happy you like it

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Really awesome Bro!

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Thank you so much dude

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Thanks Gregory

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muy guapa tio

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Vaya pasada Jabi..es brutal!

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Muchísimas gracias Daniel

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tremenda crack!!!

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Gracias bro

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Awsome pano maestro :)

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Thank you so much

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Great! It´s a pity I grew too old for mountaineering…