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Bri Whip 1

Promotional material for a local stunt performer - Walter Whip

Canon EOS R
RF24-105 @ 24mm

Godox AD600

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Pradip Kumarpaswan's picture

Very nice 👍

Lachlunn Valente's picture

Thanks so much!!

Studio 403's picture

So nice

Lachlunn Valente's picture

That’s very kind. Thanks

Dave Blewer's picture

Lovely image, could be from "Far from the Madding crowd".

Lachlunn Valente's picture

Ha! Definitely the vibe we wanted. Thanks!

microteck's picture

This is an outstanding photograph on so many levels.

Kurt Pas's picture

Background light don't match the subject. But who cares! This is stunning!

Lachlunn Valente's picture

I wasn’t aiming for true realism. But thanks!

Matthew Wood's picture

Beautifully made photo and the way the talent is sitting on the beautiful grey horse is stunning and mamazing th heep everything so clean on a muddy set. The feeling is just magical

Alec Kinnear's picture

Great look but why is she in the muck?

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