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Stars over Cheney

Right off the west side of Cheney reservoir in Reno County, Kansas. This was one of my final compositions after two hours of shooting. There's a front porch light about 50/60 yards behind and to the side of me, which is the main illumination on the ground, though it was barely visible to the eye at the time. There was also a bright garage light further back, but directly behind me, which I eventually managed to mostly block with my windshield sun screen, giving me this more side lit image. Prior exposures were fully illuminated and very yellow toned across the full lower and left sides to the trees. Another residential property with a mercury vapor lamp was on the other side of the cedar trees, casting a rim light along their tops.

Single frame exposure 30 seconds, ISO 1600, Samyang 14mm @ F2.8. at that shutter speed the corner stars have some trailing to them, but this was a good step forward for me in both night exposures, composition, and processing, so I'm quite pleased with it for now.

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