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Iceland Elopement

September 8, 2020
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Christian Lainesse's picture

How did you prevent the crowd from interfering with your shot? ;-)

El Dooderino's picture

Did you mean for her gown to be cut off at the bottom? It sort of caught my eye.

But, I really like it!

Fristen Lasten's picture

Good eye!

Zlato Pramen's picture

Great shot, great light, great contrast, great place, but why cut her dress with an inch when everything else is perfect? Never do that again. Allways go home with some space to crop when shoting stuff like this. Trust me, now you have to clone it, or, if you did what is lesson nr2 you can use one of the backup pictures without the couple to fill in the missing stones and it´ll be an easier fix with just some fabric to clone in over the "stone layer".
Its often a good idea to take just the background picture. Can be a nice backside of the album for text, good for exposure alternatives in shadows, highlights.

GI PAMPERIEN's picture

o fer cry'n out loud all o ya.... jeez.... i'm a frig'n photographer too but i'd have never noticed it... holy sheep dung.... this whole protfolio is way beyond.... absolutely stunning, Miles... i'm a wanna b fer sure....

Jasiek Bystrzonowski's picture

Familiar place! Beautiful shot!