LR 3 by Jordan Powers
December 31, 2014

Living room shot for a client. Single strobe, multiple blended / composited layers. Canon 5d Mark 2, 24mm TS v2, 580 ex2.

24mm · f/11.0 · 1/60s · ISO 200
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Art Sanchez's picture

Really awesome. Just a bit: i would expose the exterior 0.5-1 stops brighter than the interior to represent a more natural feeling. Don't be scared to clip the highlights a bit in the exterior area. The current windows seems more like a canvas than an exterior view for my eyes.

Very nice, but I think you should have removed some spots and stains on the back of the couch. Everything else looks really good (and I agree with Art about the window!).

Wow - I did not even notice that, but I imagine it is something I will now notice going forward.

Awesome work. Way ahead of the game my friend!!

Luis Lavenant's picture

Nice work!

Personally, I like the exterior view as it is. There are already blown highlights in the top windows and the autumnal view is worth seeing. If the exterior is not so handsome, then I would blow it out more. Agree about the marks on the back of the sofa and not so sure about the TV reflections, perhaps tone them down a bit. Overall great shot!

Good feedback, thanks!

Kim Smith's picture

nice! I agree with Art's comment. Also (and I'm just being picky), I neglected to brush some suede furniture in one of my shots and it's so distracting to me now when I look at it. It looks like there's a distracting pattern on the back of the sofa in this space as well. And I might scrim the reflection in the TV. Not big issues at all though.

Yeah, I am guessing that I will never miss that again :)