My friend Josh invited me to shoot one of the new walls at his studio in Orlando (@wallcrawlorlando), and I immediately thought of old Hollywood when I saw the backdrop he & his wife had built. We shot 3 different outfits on Thursday night, and this was my favorite of the 3.

Lighting was one AD200 above her into a 5' octa, with one AD200 camera left into a 5' octa at roughly half the power of the overhead light (just for fill).

Nikon D800
85mm · f/8 · 1/200s · ISO 200
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Rich Poinvil's picture

AD200 in a 5' Octa! WOW, you really know how to make things work. I wouldn't imagine the AD200 has enough power for that. Good shot!

Wayne Denny's picture

Oh, it absolutely does! I even use the AD100 for headshots when I'm traveling to the client's location. You're not going to be shooting rapidly, but if anything it makes you slow down and consider your shot a bit. Which isn't to say you're waiting seconds between shots, but you're not just holding down the shutter button either. I also used 2 200s on this shot of her, and you'd never know that it came from a small flash. https://fstoppers.com/photo/582487