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Sea Smoke

I have been working with fluids for a while now and am always trying to improve my technique. Most fluid photographers prefer heavy fluids but I like the ephemeral, water-based inks. They have an etheral quality that appeals to me even though the outcome can sometimes be soft. To me this one looks like a puff os smoke in the bottom of the sea!

These are done in my 'studio' aka my kitchen. I have a fish tank set up with a series of lights. The inks are water based and therefore I mix them with some cream to make them opaque and have some staying power. The set up of prepping the thickened water, inks and lighting take far longer than the shots!

15mm · f/10 · 1/250 · ISO 400
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Beautiful and inspiring image(s).
When I saw your title, it puzzled me, because I just saw dancers. Amazing how we all see something different.

I love that you see dancers in this image! It means that the image has life and that is meaningful to me. Thank you for the kind words!