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Mr Bromo Sunrise

I always say that the place that has impressed me the most of all the places that I have seen, has been to see the sunrise on Mount Bromo, as the light opens up contemplating all those volcanoes is really a-lu-tion.
In this case I explored the area the day before but a dense fog covered everything so I could hardly do anything, so the next day at 1:30 AM I took the Jeep that was taking you to the area, then I walked to the area I had chosen and there I waited patiently for the light to come, I had to go looking for blind frames, until the light and the tourists came and I had to change places because it was difficult to take the picture right there.

f/5.6 · 1/2s · ISO 100
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Fantástica Dani!!

Brutal Dani !!!