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Concrete Backyard

There was something I couldn't really identify that drew me to this alley; I just knew I was drawn to it. As posh, slick, beautiful and architecturally sound as New York is on the one hand, on the other there's the drab, dark and gritty that is as much a part of the character and integrity of this behemoth of a city as its slick counterparts.

18mm · f/3.5 · 1/15s · ISO 1600
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Really like this. I can see what you mean. I Love the contrasting colours of the bricks. For me [living in the bush] this scene poses many questions on the daily life of the people living here. The green door draws me into it and makes me wonder about the living space inside. So much to see here when you enlarge it and study it for some time. Fantastic capture.

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Thank You ever so much Bruce! Coming from you and your artistry it's seeds for growth! I'm drawn often to shots like this as they're the polar opposite of what many see as New York City! Have a great day, stay healthy, stay safe and at peace!