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The Cave and Mountains

Last Tuesday, taking advantage of the fact that I still had some days off, I went to the north of Burgos to visit my friend @adriespeleo .

He showed me many places, one of those days that you barely have time to eat. What I liked by far the most, was the sunset surrounded by mountains. When I arrived to the location and being next to the best speleologist photographer I know, I had to find a cave if or if.

I looked for a corner where I could do what I had thought of when I soon saw that Adri had gone ahead of me and had looked for a much more appropriate area to make the cave. I went there, we each took our position and this was the result.
With this photo I wish you all a good week!

🔔Puedes see this photo and more on my website. Link in bio:

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tremenda tio

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Carlos !!!

Ryan Mense's picture

Excuse me what the fuck

Daniel Viñé's picture

Sorry? 😅😅😅

Jassi Oberai's picture

Wonderful shot Daniel

Daniel Viñé's picture

thanks buddy !

Andres Puiggros's picture

Wow, para pasar un rato mirándola de lado a lado!!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Muchas gracias compi !!

Toni Pou's picture

Mamma mia!!! Es brutal Dani

Daniel Viñé's picture

Muchas gracias Toni !

Ignacio Municio's picture

Fantastica como siempre

Daniel Viñé's picture

Muchas gracias Ignacio !

Przemek Lodej's picture

Spectacular shot. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Great job!

Przemek Lodej's picture

Spectacular shot. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Great job!

Jens Sieckmann's picture

For me, you're the Cave Man since now! And this is no insult, it's a praise.

Daniel Viñé's picture

Hehehe thanks a lot buddy! Spanish people call me Cave man too 😂😂. Have a good day buddy!!

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Impresionante Daniel.

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Luís!

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Una maravilla de foto bro

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Bro!

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Amazing shot

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wow... amazing place and photo

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Great Shot!

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I love reading your comments on your photos. It's great to know not only what it is but what was going on and why when you took it. So much better than just... Cave. Mountains. Sun. Thanks!

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www thank you very much! The truth is that I don't write very good and I don't know too much English (I use the translator), so if after all these impediments you like it, it's quite an honor.
I always try to write something about the day or what happened, to put it in context. Thank you and happy year!

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Great Shoot!