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On our trip to the American Southwest this was one of the areas where I enjoyed flying the drone the most. An area full of badlands with a big mountain in the background.

After doing a session at sunset we decided to return at sunrise and there I took this 360 panoramic, I liked it for being able to capture the shadow reflected by the mountain.
Someone might think that the photo does not match the light, to see where the sun is and where is the part of the illuminated land or to see the shadow of the mountain, but I assure you that it is not a montage, it is the effect it gives to be a 360 degree photograph.

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Fantástica pano, amigo. La luz es brutal

excellent shot

Vaya pasada Dani,, que maravilla de pano

Muchas gracias tio !!!! 26 fotacas ! :D

Stunning! What is that peak called?

Thanks mate ! It's Factory Butte

Another one of those places I'll probably never get to go to!