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Somewhere deeply hidden in the Black Forest.

Over the last two years, I have lost interest in landscape photography although it was where it all began for me.

My decreasing interest comes from all the repetitive images I see on a daily basis on Instagram: Same spot, same composition, same processing. Geotags have destroyed the original idea of landscape photography: Scouting a location, waiting for the best light and slowing down in nature to just enjoy nature's cinema. Nowadays, on all those Instagram spots, you are cramped in to crowds of people chasing down the same shot.

For this shot, I went on multiple different hikes and vantage points around the valley to scout my favourite composition and waited for snow to fall, so that it looks like a "powder sugar coated" winter wonderland of a small village with a huge and beautiful cathedral surrounded by christmas lights in the streets.

That brought me back the original spirit and joy of landscape photography. Being all by myself and searching the right spot for myself. Old school is true school.

Photography & retouching by Matthias Dengler

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