Dark rave male portrait by Dilyana Hezhaz
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Dark rave male portrait

Portrait of Deyan Hristov, both a talented model and makeup artist. As he wanted to go for an alternative style and look, he brought a whole rave wardrobe to the studio of ndphotography.eu. Later on, his entire face got covered with edgy spikes as part of the overall makeup but this is the cleaner (and a lot less bloody) version.

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I like the lighting here. Very interesting mood. Model has very menacing expression. I like it!

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Thank you! He did great and brought a certain edge to the images. My only problem was that he was two meters tall, the boomstick I bought later on would've helped a lot at the time :D

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Oh man! That would be tough. My basement studio is about 8 feet, so anyone that tall would be almost impossible for me while standing!