Teal and orange gel beauty by Dilyana Hezhaz
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Teal and orange gel beauty

Shot in collaboration for studio ndphotography.eu with the exotic looking Radost Stoyanova - medical specialist, sprinter and a skilled model who helped me get some great images with her effortless posing. Makeup was done by Desislava Atanasova; The image was shot on a textile black background with smoke behind the model for some additional separation that when hit by the teal gel light gave that 'jungle in the studio' vibe I was going for.

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Very interesting! I often see teal fo the key light on these types of images, but orange as the key light has made for a very unusual skin tone, which I think works here. Nice!

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Thank you, Emily! I used it to replicate the 'exotic sunlight' effect and bring warmth to her skin to fit the mood I was going for. I did however try the reverse but once I used the teal as key instead, she looked too cold for my liking.