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Northern Wind

A simple composite...but much more difficult than it looks, I shot the model in studio (Paul Buff Einstein and 64" soft silver PLM, 5DMKII with 50 1.8) and photographed the location separately. If it were warmer, I would've opted to just take her on location!

Canon 5D Mark II
50mm · f/7.1 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Beautiful work on this composite. Love the filter color on this , brings it all together.

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Savi man, tell me the secret to your insanely precise cutout skills :;D

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No secret James, just patience and time. I used quickmask tool to do a rough selection, then manually did a lot of the flowers. It was tedious. I also had to repaint back in some of the hair strands. There are probably easier ways of doing it, but that's what I did here.

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That's kinda what I was afraid you were gonna answer :D Haha. But thanks, I will try to use quickmask tool one day :)