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In many of the world's religions, angels are spiritual beings who act as intermediaries between God and humans. Messengers of God, angels may serve any of a number of purposes. Their role may be to teach, command, or inform individuals of their destiny. Angels may also act to protect or help people.

The model, a ballet dancer, was shot on a white wall using a Paul Buff Einstein and 64" PLM. The sky was shot separately...I have a catalog of skies for compositing purposes. The planet and stone platform were found on Deviantart.

Canon 5D Mark II
35mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 125
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Epic shot !!! Well done !!

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Thank you sir...you keep killin it with your composites so I really appreciate that compliment.

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Thank you Savi, not much time for composites lately, I spend more time on fashion shoots. Hopefully Ill have a chance to do more composites later.

Peppin Photography's picture

This is just stunning.

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Ah I LOVE this shot!! Makes me want to play with composting Grecian goddesses! Well Done!!!

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love it mate!

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Nice colors Mr. Savi.

Savi You's picture

Thank you

Berthold Meincke's picture

i usually don't like those kind of photos... BUT this just blew my mind!!! the colors, the pose, the composite... fantastic work!

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well done

Anonymous's picture

Wow! Absolutely stunning work Savi!!!

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thank you!