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Rho Ophiuchi on the Rise

A personal goal of mine for this year is to create DSO nightscapes to show scale. The process involves a lot of research and planning. I used photopills to plan and scout the location. I was on location by 2am and I waited for RO to rise and I started tracking. The plan was to actually track for at least an hour but clouds rolled so I had to cut it short. For the foreground, I waited until twilight so that I could get a little bit of detail on the hills. I used a Skyguider Pro tracker to track the star system and I took a photo of the foreground in twilight so as to get a little bit of detail tm.

56mm · f/11.0 · ISO 200
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Great shot! Is this a combination of 2 shots?

Yep its a timeblended image as the tripod never left the spot. The sky is a stacked image though. It's impossible to get those colorful details in a single shot

when you say stacked, do you mean you placed them in layers in photoshop and made changes by blending modes?

I actually used a stacking software dedicated for Astrophotography called Sequator, the process is pretty straightforward.

Beautiful shot!

Thank you Preston