Never Thought that making the photo of a toy could be so complex. In studio I took 25 individual images at f.16 to do focus stacking in pos... in order to have the "model" all the way in focus. This gives to small objects the sense that they are not so small, which adds realism... In pos I did use almost all the techniques you could imagine... form FS, to D&B, Masks, Color grading, etc..

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Amazing !!

Thanks Mansour!


Felix, first off this is awesome! It doesn't surprise me at all that you stacked 25 individual images. When you're focus stacking, are you using a rail system? Or are you manually focusing? Also for post, do you prefer Helicon Focus or Photoshop's stacking better? Most of the time I prefer Helicon, but sometimes I think Photoshop does a better job. Really depends on the image.

Hi Brian... Thanks man!.... I really don't do a lot of Focus Stacking... so I dont have reail.... almost all the times that I do it I use move the focus on the lens... you can shoot tethered and move the focus with the software... I use Photoshop for the process.... not perfect but you can refine it using the masks!.... I have post a video here " Director Cut, Making mist forest" where you can see part of the process.... Thanks mate.

Felix, I do a ton of focus stacking because I shoot a lot of product photography. I don't have a rail either, I'd like to invest in one at some point. I manually focus my lens while shooting tethered as well. Helicon does a good job most of the time, but the algorithm produces weird artifacts from time to time. Photoshop produces a cleaner file when it actually stitches correctly. But most of the time, I always end up refining it with masks as well.

Where did you post the video? Fstoppers? Or Youtube? I'll take a look man, I'd love to see it

Great mate.. so we use the same old technique!... But yes.. would be great to invest in a reail!!!.... I will do in the future if I continue to do this kind of work!