Luba Downtown, Mexico City by Owen Behan
Owen Behan's picture

Luba Downtown, Mexico City

March 9, 2021

Downtown Mexico City

50mm · f/1.4 · 1/30s · ISO 640
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Robert Nurse's picture

This is so beautiful! Well executed!

Dave McDermott's picture

Fantastic image.

renimagines's picture

Wonderful image!

Richard Carter's picture

I absolutely love this image. i can't stop looking at it. Did you capture this with a strobe or street lights?

Owen Behan's picture

Thanks Richard. Single speedlight bounced into some white card, right of frame.

Don Althaus's picture

The truly amazing part of this photograph is the 1964 (maybe 1965) Plymouth Valiant you're using as a prop. The paint looks good (from here), door panel seems to be in surprisingly good condition... my Dad had one of these with the Slant Six and it simply would not die... it just ran forever.