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Athletic Lines

The body Zumba built

My wife's best friend is/was a Zumba instructor and she wanted to get some photos of her and her new boyfriend together. Luckily she also had the perfect body type for a photo I've been imagining for a long time now... so we went to it.

This was a VERY hard pose for her to hold, she is very athletic and pretty strong but you could see her shaking after only 10 seconds holding this pose. So you could imagine how quickly I had to get the image captured.

I did some touch ups with liquify for the first time ever just on her tummy a bit as she had to push up to hold the pose (the shadow in the small of her back should showcase that). two lights, Elinchrom Dlite 4 shot head on using a pair of 60cm x 60cm soft boxes.

Nikon D800
50mm · f/8
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