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Emo Noir

Merging the modern with the classics. shot with one light.

The minute I met Kazper and saw him having a smoke as we prepped for our day together I knew I wanted to do a more film noir themed shoot. Merging his modern look with the classic gangster flicks of the '30s. I ditched the Nikon D800 for this one and pulled out my trusty Pentax K3 and FA Limited glass, set it up for monochrome and we went to work.

This was lit with a single light, Elinchrom Dlite 4, with a simple reflector/beauty dish setup. Light was placed directly behind Kazper and set to 75% power. There was very little ambient light (as you can see from the stairs). He was essentially lit by reflections off the walls

Pentax K3
77mm · f/2.8
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