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Light in the woods

One of those places where you can't stop taking pictures. Many framing and a magical place, accompanied by my travel buddy David. This place got us very deep inside and neither of us could see the time to leave. Looking forward to go back to this ancient forest and get lost again into tue woods.

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brutal tio, ese bosque es una locura

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Gracias bro, feliz de que te guste y si la verdad que este lugar es magico. Un saludo

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Love the mood ! Very nice shot my friend ;)

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Thank you so much buddy

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Super Lush. Superb ****

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Thanks a lot

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Es un fotón Jabi!!

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Gracias bro

Markus Bar's picture

amazing shot. what a nice spot

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Thanks Markus and yes is a incredible location, never see the time to leave it, so many possibilities

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Te sales bro!!!

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jajaja gracias amigo