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i shot Alisa in my flat/studio.
i removed all wallpaper to get the blank stone wall and combined this rough look with my old chesterfield.
i wanted harsh light and deep shadows to go for a moody but not too soft look.

i hope you find the picture as seductive, sexy but not cheap as i do.

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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This is the type of look I'm trying to achieve and don't know where to begin. I'm learning. Can you tell me about your light set up and how to create those stark shadows and beautiful highlights?

a high contrast is mostly a sign of a hard(er) flash used, and/or a long distance
it is a one-light-setup (as you can see the highlichts and the shadows)
flash was profoto pro-head

Thanks for the reply. I tried something similar and had good results.

Definitely not cheap. Great composition, light and pose. Personally I would like to see just a little fill light. Just enough to bring a little shape to models face and body, keeping the same tone value. I am drafting concept where I want to use similar light. I hope I will get close to your effect.

I think having the model's face would detract from her purely feminine curves which are accentuated by her straight heels and the textured couch.

You have achieved your goals. The photo is incredibly sexy and equally classy. Good work Señor Martin