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Zodiacal light

One of the nights I have enjoyed the most in all my life doing night photography. Being up there, alla alone, contemplating the incredible skies of Gredos, is something difficult to forget.
I had only seen the Zodiacal Light once in my life, in Picos de Europa, but I didn't know how to photograph it. Apparently this phenomenon is caused by the scattering of sunlight on dust particles found throughout the solar system. The origin of this disk is the dust expelled in the vicinity of the Sun by the countless comets that have been crossing the area for millions of years.
If we added to this the Milky-way, Orion constellation, etc... make this sky one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. It is amazing.

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Tremenda tio! Menuda pasada !

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Mil gracias compañero!

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esque es bruta tio, muy top esa luz zodiacal e

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Muchas gracias Unai!