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The Mountains

Several weeks ago in an express getaway, I had the luxury of going to the mountains with Rubén Vela, he took me to an incredible area of León, where we enjoyed the sunset with hardly any clouds and a spectacular sky.

My idea was to photograph the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, which came out well into the night, but hours before it came out, the sky was completely covered and it even rained a little.

As hope is the last thing to be lost and in the mountains everything is possible, I got up at about 5 am to see what could be done. Indeed, there were enough clouds, I made several tests, but I could hardly see the sky, although I could see that it was opening more and more, I kept insisting and after the astronomical twilight was over and with some light, I could save a perfectly valid shot, since I was using a tracker and I was making 5 minutes exposures.

f/1.0 · 1/1s · ISO 100
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Qué locura de foto Dani!!

Gracias Rubén !