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Joshua Tree NP Double Arch

I was able to get to Joshua Tree National Park this past Saturday for some Milky Way nightscaping. I decided to try and make a pano of Arch Rock. This location gets too crowded in the summer for Milky Way shots, so I opted to create a blue hour composite.
I got to the arch just before sunset and found 4 or 5 other photogs already setup. They were very nice and let me squeeze in for 15 minutes, so I could create my pano of the scene. Lots of people climbing all over the arch, so what I thought would be 10 minutes probably turned into 15 or 20. I think we missed an incredible sunset as the people on the arch kept pointing back to the west stating, "the sky is red". You could see the arch turn a bright orangish/redish hue for 10 minutes or so as well.
After I got my pano of the arch, i drove down to Porcupine Wash, (about 10 miles south of the arch), to get my sky images. I spent about 4 hours down there getting various tracked exposures.
This is the final product. I oriented the MW in its natural position as it would appear at this location roughly midnight.
Ground = 14-24mm Z @ 14mm, 5 exposures
Sky = 20mm F/1.8 Z, 7 tracked exposures

14mm · f/8.0 · 2.5s · ISO 64
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love how the arch follows the milky way, great framing!