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Waterfall in the Clouds

More telephoto work. This is from a HUGE waterfall but zoomed in to 350mm. I really like the reverse vignette and caught my eye as something dreamy and unusual

270mm · f/16.0 · 1/2s · ISO 31
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Nice work, Mike. I agree about the reverse vignette, and have been experimenting with the same, also on details from a large waterfall. I think this idea could be worked up, perhaps by compositing as well (which I generally dislike) into something like the east Asian scroll paintings with bits of landscape "floating" on a largely blank background.

I note what you say elsewhere about working waterfalls for their great potential. So often, people do "the" image of the whole thing and seem to leave it at that. I rarely find that the image of the whole fall is the best one as an image in its own right. Too easy to end up with a postcard image, or much the same as everyone else.

Keep up the good work!

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thanks for taking the time to give such great feedback. Always nice to hear when an idea works out