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Glacial Origins

Deep in the Switzerland Alps. Standing in this incredible place, after a 3mile hike in the pitch dark and sub-zero temperatures was a huge reward

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Awesome scene and atmosphere! Perfect!

Thank you so much Tiago, glad you like it man

onice catch !! and lovely dark mood :)

Thank you so much Jean

muy bonita toma compañero, me gusta el ambiente frio que tiene.

Gracias colega, me alegra que te guste. Un saludo joven

Amazing shot. Where in the Alps are you? I don't recognize the view.

Thank you so much Hart. This is in the Swiss alps but a location no very popular, no much people know about it

Muy merecido Jabi!!

Muchisimas gracias colega

Brutal tio, que espectaculo!!!!!

Gracias man, feliz de escuchar que te gusta hermano. Un saludo y disfruta del Sabado