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The Family Smile

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
— Mother Teresa

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Fantastic Smiles 😊

It is amazing how that smile is so prevalent here. Event in the most difficult times.... it just keeps showing up.
tHanks, as always for your kind words.

One day, when we meet, I'm going to have a great BIG smile on my face!

Oh, I wouldn't be too hasty.
One look at me and you, more than likely, will run shrieking from the room! 😂

...hahaha...smiling BIG already!

You are an expert at capturing the local community in their natural environment Julian.

Here the subjects look so comfortable and relaxed - in the face of a foreign photographer that is testament to your ability to make your subjects at ease.

When you, I and Hank meet I think we’ll all have big smiles :-)

All joking aside I truly look forward to that day.
It is always great to meet the creative soul behind the art they create.