Yaksi by Mario Olvera
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February 16, 2015

I bought a worklight and wanted to play with it, i used the diffuser of the reflector i had to difusse the light trough it, and with a blue traslucid glass i tinted the speedlite that is giving her the backlight.

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Looks good. If you can soften the light it will look better and I think there is two contrasting light source, one is cool and the other is warm, I would like to see this with just one light temperature.

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Thank you Jaydie Lee!!, how i could soften it in post? I alread did the shooting... And indeed i have more shots with just the warm light :)

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Just remove the hot spots on the skin. There are many way to do that one simple way I use is add a layer and just paint the hot spots with the skin tone color then change that layer effect to darken to preserve the texture. You can tube for other advance method with the keyword" remove hot spot with Photoshop"

There is also a method to remove the bluish light I think it is called color cast removal. Something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09XC9WGTLyc

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Jaydie that's really helpful thank you so much!!!! this kind of CC/feedback is great!! i really appreciate this!!!

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Love the colors!

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