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St. Mary's

Taken at St. Mary's Lighthouse in Northumberland as the sun started to set. I love this location and have returned many times hoping to capture an eye-catching reflection in the seawater, often leaving disappointed - it requires a rare combination of the tide being at the right level, the sky having plenty of detail and the the sun being at the correct height (and preferably diffused just enough by clouds to prevent glare on the water!) - therefore due to the tide times, there's only a small window of time each day in a short period of time each year where it's possible to get this type of shot.

This is my favourite shot I've taken from this spot, focusing on the reflection and taking three exposures, which were manually blended using luminosity masking.

Canon 600D
Canon 600D
13mm · f/11.0 · 1/100s · ISO 200
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oh... hey, I totally didn't see this comment for *sheepish grin* about four months... thanks for the link, I'll try to make sure I add nice descriptions in future :)

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Thanks for the pick Rebecca, really appreciate it! Good start to my day.

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Excellent work Steven, well done :)

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beutiful soft hdr!