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Hoces Del Rio Duraton

It had been a while without editing photos and I took advantage that a few days ago I made a short trip to Duratón, enjoy that place alone watching the vultures fly is priceless.
It is not the typical Duarton sickle, this is another sickle that my friend @jose_l_l_vadillo took me to in 2018, although we took the photo back in the day, I felt like repeating it today.
It seemed that it was going to be a sunset without more but finally appeared some colors that resisted to leave, when I finished the session, it was practically night.
I made a great panoramic of two rows with the intention of showing how impressive the place is.

With this photo I wish you a fantastic 2022 full of wishes and good light !!!!

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spectacular view Daniel

Thanks a ton Hanaa !!