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At first this photo started out with the glasses frozen in a full block of ice, after getting it on set and looking at a few compositions I wasn't really seeing what I wanted. A little bit of messing around and melting of the ice led to getting the shot as it is. All in all it was a fun process and something i plan on trying with some other objects.

Canon 5Dmkiii
85mm · f/14 · 1/80 · ISO 2
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Thanks for the link Rebecca!

Interesting photo Dylan. I've been trying getting perfectly clear ice for my shots, but this has some character to it, I kind of like the air lines in the ice.

Thanks, I set out trying to get as perfectly clear of a block as possible so I was a little disappointed when I first pulled it out of the freezer. In the end though I was glad it came out with some impurities, i think it ended up helping out the shot a lot.

woow interesting aproach:)